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Parent School Partnership

We as parents/carers have been given a fantastic opportunity to form a PSP group with the school. I am aware that some people have previously been involved and know how things work, so this is just a quick note to provide some information to those who may not of heard of a PSP.


So what is PSP?  It’s a Parent-School Partnership.


Many schools have a PSP group; they are a great way of getting to know other families and staff, offering support at social events such as the summer fair, and getting involved in fund raising opportunities, with hopefully some say as to what the money raised goes towards.


There will be no pressure for you to attend every meeting that is arranged.  What has been discussed is the possibility of a meeting being held in the evening, then some representatives attending each of the meetings at the school.


If you are interested, please contact me for more information and in the near future we will have a get together to discuss how to establish this group further.


There will be any updates on our Facebook page, Fulstow Primary School PSP.



Fiona Steel

PSP Chair

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