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Assessment in Primary School

As your child goes through primary school he/she will be assessed in order to find out how well he/she is doing.

Assessment takes many forms and in one sense is an on-going process throughout the school day. At present the school monitors learning through the use of Key Objectives. These are the things pupils should know by the end of each year group. Samples of the objectives for English, Mathematics and science can be found by following the link below.

At certain points in your child's primary education he/she will be formally assessed in more of a familiar test process. In 2016 pupils in Year 2 and 6 will take part in new tests. Information regarding these tests can be found by clicking the links below which will allow you to view guides and video clips produced by Rising Stars.

These handbook are not only useful in providing information about the new tests but also the Guide to Parents has useful tips on how you can help your child with learning at home.