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Homework in Class 2

Reading - All children have a reading book and a reading record, children are expected to read at least three times a week outside of school time, this may include their school book or additional literature that they may choose which is appropriate to their level. Please note this in your child's reading record. Once children have finished their school reading book they are to write a book review, a short summary about the book, was it enjoyed and who would it be suitable to recommend to.

Reading records may also be used to converse between parent/guardian and class teacher, please check your child's reading record regularly as their class teacher may have written something in it.

All children have their Spelling Zapper books where they can 'zap' words from their spelling list, these books are taken home on a daily basis and used in school.

Children receive Maths homework on a Friday, this is expected in the following Monday, therefore if children need to see the teacher/support staff they may do so and have additional time to complete the tasks. Pupils should be practising the tables facts throughout the week too.

Additional English/topic homework may be given where needed, this will be to support and extend learning taking place in the classroom. Children will have at least a week to hand this in. If homework is not handed in on the approved day, children have an additional day to bring it in. If children fail to do this they will then stay in at break time to complete it and parents / guardians will be notified. However all scenarios are viewed on an individual basis.

Children have Maths and English revision guides, they may select pages where they would like to develop their stengths and bring them into school to be marked.

All homework given is linked to learning that takes place in the classroom and its purpose is to enhance and develop understanding, therefore it may not be given every week if there is no need.


For further details about Homework please see our Homework Policy on the Policies page by clicking the link below. 

Link: Policies